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What is the importance packaging?

  • Differentiate your brand from others. There are hundreds of thousands of products out there that are looking for your customer’s attention. In order to succeed in selling your product, your brand packaging will have to stand out.
  • Colour influences consumer purchase habits. Colours that you decide to use on your products play a crucial part in consumer buying decisions. The brain reacts to different colours in different ways. For example, if you package your products in white, you are conveying a message of simplicity and purity. Therefore, it is extremely important to study your target demographic before you decide on a colour for your packaging.
  • Packaging is an excellent marketing tool.

How can I make my products sell?

There are various ways to make your products sell with custom labels. Your label should assist the product to sell itself. Here are a few pointers:

  • Labels allow the product to “POP”. While many supermarkets use promotions to gain advantage, one-third of purchases are made based on the packaging.
  • Labels protect your product and the image. Correctly designed labels will be able to thrive under conditions they may face through the supply chain. Well-designed product labels that are made with the correct materials will offer durability to keep your package looking great.

One fact about product labels is that it is consistent across all industries, labels help sell and businesses profit.