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Barcode Printers & Ribbon Suppliers

Libra Labels are official barcode printer suppliers and dealers of the Argox range of printers. The Argox label printers satisfy all bar code printing and labelling needs.

From entry-level printers to high-volume production printers, all major industry standard bar code symbologies can be reproduced.

Printer widths range from 50mm (2 inch) to 152mm (6 inch).

offers on argox printers

Argox printers are available in direct thermal or thermal transfer options or both.

They are versatile for all types of tags and labels, requiring minimum attention or maintenance. Units are sold complete with cables and packaged software.

Initial applications and technical support is provided.

why your business needs a barcode printer

Label printers and bar codes are widely used in all aspects of business, providing the means to label, identify and track products, and process and collate data.

Applications include manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, wholesale and retail, commercial and government.

a range of thermal transfer ribbons

Quality thermal transfer ribbons are produced and converted into many different widths and lengths for any label printer on the market.

Our range includes scratchproof, smear proof, solvent-resistant and heat-resistant ribbons for the best quality in industrial printing applications.

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