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Butchers Bandsaw Blade Suppliers

Libra Labels are specialised butchers bandsaw blade suppliers and prides itself on supplying our customers with top quality products and our bandsaw blades are no exception. 

Our blades are durable and economical, value-for-money and each one comes individually wrapped for your convenience. 

We stock both the 112″ as well as the 116″ blades which we import directly from the manufacturer.  

not sure which bandsaw blade to get ?

butchers bandsaw blade width is measured from the tips of the teeth to the back edge of the blade as shown in the diagram below.

The instructions for the particular machine being used should be followed when selecting blade width.


If no such instructions are provided, blade width should be determined with the following guidelines:

  • For Cut-Off Sawing , a bandsaw blade should be as wide as the machine will allow. The wider the band is, the straighter the cut will be.
  • For Contour Sawing , the blade should be as wide as the machine allows, but still narrow enough so that it can cut the desired shape (radius).
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