Self-Adhesive Label Suppliers In South Africa

Price Marking

Pricing marking is a valuable medium for pricing information as well as identification. A clear readable label is important to provide customer information regarding your product(s). We produce a wide range of colored price marking labels which can be customized according to your needs.  We are the solo imports of the Jolly, Blitz, Evo and Speedy hand held labellers including one and two line labellers with either numerical, alphabetical or alphanumerical characters.  Already bestsellers in the “Price-Marking” retail sector, Jolly, Blitz, Evo and Speedy hand labellers offer performance at an economic price. Our price marking labels fit most hand labellers out in the market today.

We also manufacture the price marking labels for these guns. If you would like to see more about the labels please 

Price Marking Guns
Price Marking Labels