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Scale & Promotional Labels

Scale and Promotional Labels

Scale Label Manufacturers

Libra Labels prides itself as an industry leader in the label printing market. Our vast knowledge of labels is second to none! With years of experience, unparalleled customer service, quality products and simply the best pricing anywhere have placed Libra Labels on the map.

Scale Labels

Scale labels are mostly used in the food labelling industry and it is common for the average shopper to see a printed scale label on fresh produce when purchasing at a local supermarket.

Stores that sell meat, seafood, vegetable and fruit make use of a digital scale (See our sister company www.scalerite.co.za for more info on scales) that print on labels which indicates a product code or bar code, as well as price and weight information of the product.

This does not only help the shopper but also those manning the checkout counters to bill you for these items as they will simply need to scan these labels to print out your receipt.

Most digital scales these days use pressure sensitive labels made from thermal paper.

Scale labels are subjected to a lot of handling and undergo additional abuse at home in the form of heat, moisture or freezing.

Usually, there are particular types of scale labels recommended for a specific scale brand or model. Our Scale labels are manufactured in rolls which easily fit into these digital weighing scales for easy use.

Please see below our range of scale labels.


scale labels


Full Colour labels

We manufacture full colour labels for transport and logistics, chemical identification, food and beverage products, fresh produce, healthcare products and many more industries.

Manufacturers look to graphic designers to design a label that will best suit their product and will attract the consumer and ultimately purchase their product over their rivals.

A well printed label will not only attract the consumer but will so bring value to the brand. We at Libra labels  only manufacture top quality affordable labels for our customers.

No matter what industry, shape or size, if you have a label that needs printing look no further. We also have an in house graphic designer should you need help with designing your labels.


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