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Till Rolls (Point of Sale)

Till Rolls (Point of Sale)

Thermal & Bond Till Rolls

We at Libra are proud to offer you both types of till rolls used by till and credit card machines today.

We offer thermal & bond till rolls. We have a wide range of sizes to fit most till machines ranging from 41 x 90 mm all the way through to the 80 x 80 mm rolls.

We also package them into carton’s for your convenience. Please see below for the different sizes and amount per carton.


Thermal Till Rolls

Thermal Till rolls do not require any Ribbon/ink to print on.

When one uses a thermal roll a thermal head is used to “burn” the information onto the paper. If one is not sure if their till rolls are thermal a simple test can be done by holding a flame under the paper or by scratching the label with a pointed object.

If the label shows a black marking where it was scratched or turns black when using a flame then your till roll is indeed a thermal roll.

 We sell the following thermal till rolls:778

 57mm x 40mm ~ 100 units in a carton

57mm x 57mm ~ 100 units in a carton

76mm x 76mm ~ 50 units in a carton

80mm x 80mm ~ 50 units in a carton


Bond Till Rolls

Bond Till Rolls are used when the receipt is of great value and the information on the till roll will not fade over time unlike the thermal till rolls.


We sell the following bond till rolls:

44mm x 70mm ~ 100 units in a carton

57mm x 57mm ~ 100 units in a carton

57mm x 76mm ~ 100 units in a carton

76mm x 76mm ~ 50 units in a carton 


Contact Libra Labels for Further Information

Every business can benefit from a reliable supply of either thermal or bond till rolls for points of sale. If you are looking for a manufacturer and supplier, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Libra Labels today.